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Portable Particle Counters

HPC 1100
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HPC 1100

Designed using the latest technology in high-pressure gas components, the HPC 1100 allows attachment of Lighthouse 0.1μm particle counters to high pressure (30-150 psi) inert gas systems to provide monitoring capability for process gas contamination. The HPC 1100’s exceptionally low audible noise and small footprint allow installation in areas where diffusers were thought impractical. The HPC 1100 zero counts in less than 5 minutes and does not induce spurious or random 0.1μm counts due to oscillations as other designs can. The HPC 1100’s Stainless Steel design is rugged, reliable and requires almost no routine maintenance and never requires calibration. During normal operation, no inert gas is wasted - 100% of the gas supplied is used for the sampling process.

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