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Using patent pending technology, Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions has created the industry’s smallest 1.0 CFM sequencing particle counting manifold system. When connected to a Lighthouse SOLAIR 1.0 CFM particle counter, the 1.0 CFM MiniManifold TM is the best-in-class solution for tool monitoring and qualifi cation, mini-environment monitoring and even cart-based portable monitoring systems.The 1.0 CFM MiniManifold TM allows a single particle counter to monitor up to 6 locations in a process tool or minienvironment at 1.0 CFM. The 1.0 CFM MiniManifold TM consists of a manifold sequencing system with a built-in controller and an optional blower for purge fl ow. The controller communicates with the particle counter and can interface to a computer system or process tool via the RS-485 MODBUS communications protocol.The external blower can be installed at a distance from the manifold, adding  fl exibility to its installation.  Programming sequences for the 1.0 CFM MiniManifold TM are user-defi ned for such functions as port sequence, purge duration, sample duration and hold time.  Up to 200 data records, which include environmental data, can be stored in its built-in buffer

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